MH-Sped s.r.o.

International transport & logistics


We would like to introduce our company MH-Sped Ltd., whose core business is mainly international road haulage and forwarding.
The company was founded in 2010, based on years of experience in transportation and logistics.
From 2012 He began to develop their own fleet - Specialized in large volume - 120 m3 kit, the highest available emission classes. In 2014 he obtained a valid and internationally recognized quality certificate EN ISO 9001: 2008.
We will provide quality and reliable services in the freight forwarding, warehousing, transportation and distribution of goods.
Our main objective is flexibility, reliability, and your satisfaction.
Your carriage requirements are in the hands of professionals.

We are ready to provide the right solution.


    Mega - 13.6MX 3m, max. t / 34EUP, 100 m 3
    Semitrailer - 13.6MX 2.8 m, max. 24 t / 34EUP, 90 m 3
    Frigo – 13.5m x 2,7m, max. 22,5t/33 EUP
    Transportation of small packages (up to 1 t, 1.4 t, 3.5 t, 7.5t, 9 tons)


    The warehouse is suitable for almost all types of goods
    The total area of 1200 m 2 warehouse
    We can provide translation, loading, repacking, presignovanie goods. Mechanical and manual loading of goods.


    By combining our services, storage, transport, distribution, we can offer the most effective solutions and coordinating logistics.
    Ensuring the ferry: FR - UK Calais - Dover and back



Zvolenská cesta 165, 974 05 Banská Bystrica


00421-48-4701 290


EN ISO 9001:2008